a) Residential : The site coverage of residential plots is as follows :-
S. No. Plot Area Site Coverage House Line F.A.R.
1 Upto 100 sqyds. 80% 5'-0" 2.00
2 100 sqyds to 150 75% 6'-0" 1.90
3 150 sqyds. to 200 70% 7'-0" 1.75
4 200 sqyds. to 300 65% 10'-0" 1.65
5 300 sqyds. to 500 60% 15'-0" 1.50
6 Above 500 sqyds. 50% 20'-0" 1.25
1. Height of the parapet, water tank and mumty shall not be counted.
2. Front set back is exempted in core city area (walled city) but the coverage will be as per the permissible F.A.R.
3. Violation of the house line shall not be compounded. House line will be maintained as per the schedule of schemes in scheme areas.
4. Every person intending to erect or re-erect any building shall give notice of such intention in writing in Form 'A' appended to these bye-laws alongwith ownership documents, four sets of Ferro Prints and two prints on tracing cloth/tracing film showing location plan, site plan and building plans to the Municipal Corporation and shall at the same time submit.
5. A location plan and a site plan of the land on which it is intended to erect or re-erect the building.
6. Plans of all the floors, elevations and typical cross section of the building which he intends to erect or re-erect.
7. Detail of specifications of the work to be executed in Form 'B' appended to these bye-laws.
8. Subject to the provision of bye-laws every person erecting or re-erecting a building shall appoint an Architect, a 'Registered Building Designer and Supervisor' for drawing up of plans and supervision of erection and re-erection of the building.
9. The application, plans and specifications shall be signed by the applicant and the Licenced Architect/Building Designer and Supervisor.
10. Professionals, consultants, doctors, advocates, architects/Building Designer and Supervisor can use 10% of covered area for offering professional consultancy only.
b) Commercial : The site coverage of residential plots is as follows :-
S. No. Plot Area Site Coverage Parking F.A.R
1 Upto 50 sqyds. 80%20% 20% 1.50
2 50 sqyds to 125 75%25% 25%(10+15)* 1.50
3 125 sqyds. to 250 65% 35% 35%(15+20)* 1.75
4 250 sqyds. to 500 60% 40% 40%(15+25)* 2.00
5 Above 500 sqyds. 50%50%    
* (00+00) means Front + Rear/side.
* In core city area 100% coverage will allowed with F.A.R. 1.50 for the plots having the area less than 50sqyds..
* Basement parking is compulsory for the plots having area more than 500 sqyds. with F.A.R. 3.00. If the applicant does not want to construct a basement, the F.A.R. will be permitted 2.00. Basement for the parking shall not be counted in the total coverage area.
S. No. Plot Area Site Coverage Height F.A.R.
1 Upto 100 sqyds. 50% 59'-6" 2.00
2 Above 100 sqyds. 50% 70'-6" 2.00
S. No. Plot Area Site Coverage Parking F.A.R.
1 Upto 300 sqyds. 60% 40% (25+15) 1.50
2 300 sqyds to 500 55% 45% (30+15)* 1.25
3 Above 500 sqyds. 50% 50% (30+20) * 1.20
* (00+00) means Front + Rear/side.
Scrutiny and approval of building plans shall be carried out by the Town Planning Wings of the local authorities or in the absence of such wings, by the officer authorised for the purpose. Every building application shall be either 'Approved' or Rejected within a period of 60 days as provided in the Act.
1) No notice of building application shall be considered to be valid until the information required under these bye-laws has been furnished to the satisfaction of the competent local authority or of any person authorised by it in this behalf. If the notice is not considered as valid, the application together with the plans, shall be returned to the applicant for resubmission in accordance with the bye-laws.
2) If owing to certain objection, sanction is refused; but the objection is subsequently removed to the satisfaction of the local authority, it will not be necessary for the appicant to submit new plant provided the original plan can be suitably corrected.
3) Where a minor alteration is subsequently applied for, it will not be necessary to submit fresh plans of the whole building for sanction. Such alteration may be applied for the applicant to submit new plans provided the original plan can be suitably corrected.

Notice of Commencement of Work
1. A person who intends to erect or re-erect any building shall give to the local authority not less than a week notice in writing in form 'C' appended to these bye-laws of the date and time at the which the erection or re-erection of the building will be commenced.
2. If he neglects or refuses to give such notice, he shall comply with a notice in writing by the local authority requiring him within a reasonable time to cut into, lay open open or pull down so much of the building as prevents the local authority from ascertaining whether any of bye-laws have been contravened.

1. No person shall occupy or allow other person to occupy any new building or part of a new building for any purpose whatever until such building or part thereof has been certified by the local authority or of any person authorised by it in this behalf to be in every respect complete according to the sanctioned plan and fit for the use for which it is erected.
2. Every person who intends to occupy such a building or part thereof shall apply for permission in Form 'D' appended to these bye-laws.
3. The local authority may decline to give permission unless a certificate in Form 'E' appended to these bye-laws duly signed by a licenced Architect/Building Designer and Supervisor has been submitted.
4. When permission to occupy a part of the building has been given, separate permission shall be necessary for occupation of such parts as may be subsequently copleted.
5. Applicant shall remove or destroy, any temporary building which might have been erected and the debris from the site and adjoining road or vacant site before the occupation certificate is issued.
6. Partial occupation certificate may be granted for partially constructed building with one habitate room, one water closet and one bath room.
Notice of Completion :
1. Every person newly erecting or re-erecting a building shall on its completion give notice of such completion to the local authrity in the Form 'F' appended to the bye-laws. If the building is not completed within two years the date of sanction, the notice shall be accompanied by a completion plan on tracing cloth in duplicate with two ferro prints of the part of the building completed, upto date.
2. Monitoring of Execution of works and erection of building as per sanctioned plan and approval of revised plan wherever required.
3. To ensure enforcement of building and execution of works as per sanctioned building plans, construction activity shall be monitored from the stage of excavation, constructoin of foundatoin, plinth, first storey and each subsequent storeys. This activity shall be monitored by the local authority as per the guidelines issued by the Government or the competent authority from time to time.
4. During the course of construction, in case of changed circumstances at the site or otherwise, if substantial deviations from the sanctioned plans are necessitated, the owner shall not proceed further with the construction unless revised plan is submitted and got approved from the competent authority as per rules.

1. Single basement is allowed in all residential, commercial, industrial and group housing plots. However, on commercial and institutional plots having area more than 1000 sqyds., more than one storey basement may be allowed, if all other conditions for structural stability are fulfilled and it shall be exclusively for parking.
2. Basement may be used for commercial purpose, Banquet Hall etc. if it is air conditioned. It shall have minimum either two stair-cases ofr entry and exit or two approach ramps or one stair case and one ramp and total FAR not exceeding more than 1:2. In case in commercial building FAR is exceeded more than 1:2 then single basement shall be compulsory and shall be used for parking purpose only in addition to open space provided for parking on ground level.
3. Applicant/Building Designer and Supervisor shall submit the certificate regarding its structure safety in relation to underground water table/spring level etc.
4. Adequate arrangement shall be made so that surface drainage does not enter the basement.
5. Basement for parking shall not be taken into account for FAR.
6. Indemnity Bond for basement as per Schedule-III shall be given by the applicant alongwith notice of building application to indemnify the local authority in case any loss or damage caused to the adjoining properties on account of construction of basement either at the time digging or its foundation of during the course of its construction or even thereafter and also against any claim of any concern thereto.
5. Clear ceiling height of such part of the basement shall not be less than 7'-0"
6. Mechanical arrangement shall be made for exhaust.
7. Ramp in basement for parking purpose shall be of a minimum width of 9'-0" with gradient of 1 in 7.

1. No projection shall be at a lesser height than 2.25 metres clear above the plinth level of the building.
2. The width of the projection shall not exceed the one forth of the width of the set backs and side spaces.
3. The area of projection upto 3 ft. shall not be counted towards the covered area of the site.

1. All six category buildings owners have to provide the Fire Safety Certificate from the Fire Office, M.C. Amritsar. After installation of the requisite fire safety equipments.
Structure Design :
The structural desing of all the buildings shall be in accordancw tihther relvant provisons of the B.I.S. Code and shall be certified by a recognized Structural Engineer and shall be submitted alongwith structural safety certificate for building having more than 3 storeyed structure and for buildings upto 3 storeys only a structural safety certificate shall be submitted.

Cancellation of Registration of Architects :
Competent Authority has full rights/powers to cancel the registration of registered architects if they are found to be responsible for the violation of Building Bye-Laws/ Misguiding the constructor.

Relaxation :-
Government may relax any of the provisions of the building bye-laws for reasons to be recorded in writing.

Change of Land Use :
Every person may apply for the change of land use for the plots from residential to commercial in the sanctioned residential schemes as per the govt. instructions. The Change of Land Use Committee is comprising of five members with the Mayor as a Chairman and Commissioner, two Counsellors and two high Officials of Building Department. The change of Land use Committee recommends the case for the final approval to the govt.

1. No six category building constructions shall be started without the approval of sanctioned building plan.
2. Following stages shall be recognized during the course of construction and it is a duty of building staff to check the construction according to these stages :-
i) Excavation
ii) Foundation
iii) Plinth
iv) First Storey
v) Each subsequent floors
vi) Completion Certificate
3. The building inspector and ATP/MTP will submit a report on the alternative days that the above construction is as per sanctioned plan
4. No building shall be allowed to be occupied without the completion certificate required u/s 272 of PMC Act 1976.
5. Parking area and F.A.R. shall be maintained in all circumstances and the strict action shall be taken by the Enforcement Authorities. If there is any violation in this regard.
6. There should be regularly monitoring and supervision by the Municipal Town Planner every week on the six category buildings.