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403. Power of Government to require production of documents. - The Government may at any time require the Commissioner -
(a) to produce any record, correspondence, plan or other document in his possession or under his control;
(b) to furnish any return, plan, estimate, statement, account or statistics relating to the proceedings, duties or works of the Corporation or any of the municipal authorities:
(c) to furnish or obtain and furnish any report.
404. Inspection. - The Government may depute any of its officers to inspect or examine any municipal department or office or any service or work undertaken by the Corporation or any of the municipal authorities or any property belonging to the Corporation and to report thereon and the Corporation and every municipal authority and all Corporation officers 'and other Corporation employees shall be bound to afford the officer so deputed access at all reasonable times to the premises and properties of the Corporation and to all records, accounts and other documents the inspection of which he may consider necessary to enable him to discharge his duties.
405. Directions by Government. - If, whether on receipt of any information or report obtained under section 403 or section 404 or otherwise, the Government is of opinion -
{a) that any duty imposed on the Corporation or any municipal authority by or under this Act has not been performed or has been performed in an imperfect, insufficient or unsuitable manner, or
(b) that adequate financial provision has not been made for the performance of any such duty; it may direct the Corporation or the Commissioner, within such period as it thinks fit, to make arrangements to its satisfaction for the proper performance of duty, or, as the case may be, to make financial provision to its
satisfaction for the performance of the duty and the corporation or the Commissioner concerned shall comply with such direction:
Provided that, unless in the opinion of the Government the immediate execution of such order  necessary, it shall, before making any direction under this section, give the Corporation or the Commissioner an opportunity of showing cause why such direction should not be made.
406. Power to provide for enforcement of direction under section 405. - If, within the period fixed by a direction made under sub-section {l) of section 405, any action the taking of which has been directed under that sub-section has not been duly taken, the Government may make arrangements for the taking of such action and may direct that all expenses connected .therewith shall be defrayed out of the Corporation Fund.
407. Dissolution of Corporation.(Substituted by Act of 1994) (1) If in the opinion of the. Government, a Corporation is not competent to perform its duties or persistently makes default in the performance of duties imposed on R by or under this Act or any other law for the time being in force or exceeds or abuses any of its powers, the Government may, by an order published, alongwith the reasons therefor, in the Official Gazette, dissolve such Corporation: Provided. that the Corporation  shall be given a reasonable opportunity of being heard before its dissolution.
{2) When a Municipal Corporation is dissolved under sub-section (1), -
{i) all Councillors of the Corporation shall vacate their offices forthwith;
(ii) all powers and duties of the Corporation during its dissolution shall be exercised and performed by such person or authority, as the Government may, by notification, appoint in this behalf; and 
(iii) all property in possession of the Corporation shall be held by the Government.
(3) Upon dissolution of a Corporation under sub-section (1), the Government shah reconstitute a Corporation as specified under sub-section {2) of Section 3, and election to reconstitute such Corporation shah be completed before the expiration of a period of six months from the date of dissolution:
Provided that where the remainder of the period for which the dissolved Corporation would have continued, is less than six months, it shall not be necessary to hold any election under this sub-section for reconstituting the Corporation for such period. 
{4) The Corporation reconstituted upon the dissolution of the existing Corporation before the expiration of its duration, shall continue only for the remainder of the period for which the dissolved Corporation would have continued under section 7 had it not been so dissolved.
407-A. Appointment of a person to carry out the work of Corporation in certain cases.
(1) All powers and duties of the Corporation may, till it remains dissolved and is reconstituted, or in the case of a Corporation constituted after the commencement of the Punjab Municipal Corporation (Amendment) Act, 1994, under sub section {4) of section 7, shall be exercised and performed by such person or authority as the Government may appoint in this behalf.
(2) All properties vested in the Corporation shall tiff the Corporation remains dissolved and is  reconstituted, Shall vest in and devolve upon the Government.

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